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The ideal manage photos software for people who using a Windows PC.
One of the most important factors to note about SortPix XL is that it is a photo organizer software that has been designed with Windows users in mind. The photo manager can be opened just like any other program, either from the Start menu on your PC or Windows tablet or via a desktop shortcut. The manage photos software Windows will allow you to sort your photos with a mouse using the familiar drag and drop system and you can also make use of keyboard shortcuts just like the programs you are already familiar with, such as Word or Excel, for example. However you like to work on your computer, this manage photos software will help you to achieve what you want. It also works incredibly well with a range of photo editing suites, too.

Photo Organizer
Photo Organizer

When you have fewer needless copies of your photographs stored on your PC, you will be able to track down the images you want to work on more quickly. Furthermore, SortPix XL provides a fast folder selection tool. This will work with either source or target windows, helping to speed up your workflows a great deal. In addition, this superior photo organizer software allows you to rename your image files with a specific tool designed to do the job. Rather than renaming hundreds of photos within a certain folder manually, you can add a common term to an entire folder so that your images are easier to identify down the line.

For example, you might use the renaming tool to add your client's name or the subject matter of a shoot to all of the files in an entire folder. To do so takes moments thanks to this powerful photo management software.

It could save you many, many hours of fruitless searches in the future if you take control of your image library now with this versatile manage photos software download!

Manage Photos Software SortPix XL Operates as a Photo Organizer Perfectly Designed for Windows

This manage photos software is designed for all PC users and makes the task of keeping your images organized much easier.

The high-quality manage photos software suite, SortPix XL assists with efficient photo management. Anyone interested in digital photography – from photojournalists and picture editors to amateur snappers and bloggers – will build up more and more pictures in their image library over time. It is inevitable in the digital age of photography that there is an ever-greater need to make use of well-designed photo manager software so that you can find the sorts of pictures you want when you need them and to get rid of unwanted ones. This where a photo management software suite like SortPix XL can be so helpful as a photo management tool that can also function as an automated duplicate photo cleaner.

Manage Photos Software
Manage Photos Software

If you have never used a dedicated photo management software system or a duplicate photo finder program before, then you may not fully appreciate just how time-saving and convenient such apps can be. Once you have downloaded SortPix XL to your PC, you will soon discover that you are able to find duplicate photos much more rapidly than ever before which will allow you to free up room on your computer's memory as well as enabling you to save time when manually hunting down an image you want to edit. Of course, the fewer the number of photographs you have on your PC, the quicker and easier it is to search photos. By making use of the automatic duplicate photo finder tool, all of your searching, editing and post-production processes will be sped up. This is something that all digital photographers can benefit from whether they are enthusiastic amateur snappers or professional image makers!

Despite its enormous value as a system that will find duplicate photos for you, SortPix XL provides many more functions and features that users can take advantage of. As a photo manager software system, you can also use it to reorganize your files and folders according to your preferences or to rename your images so that you can make better sense of them in the future. Whenever you search photos you have taken using this high-quality photo management software, you will save time and obtain more accurate results. You can also sort photos on your hard drive by making use of the program's drag and drop functionality which is ideal for people using Windows tablets as well as conventional PCs.

The photo manager software also means that you can apply extensive filters to help you hone in on the picture – or group of pictures – that you want to email off to a client or work on at home. For example, just one way that you can sort photos using the photo management software is to organize them according to their size. Alternatively, users may sort photos according to their file names alphanumerically. There again, the photo manager software suite will also allow you to sort photos by the date they were created or last edited. In short, SortPix XL is much more than a duplicate photo finder. Read on to find out how you, too, can benefit from it.

Duplicate Photo Finder - There Are Numerous Ways Users Can Benefit By Owning SortPix XL

With SortPix XL, you are able to remove duplicate photos from your computer simply and easily.
There are numerous ways that the ability to delete duplicate photos automatically can help photographers. Firstly, many people like to crop or re-size their photographs once they have been downloaded from their camera or smart device onto their PC to give them an idea of what a full re-edit might look like down the line. This can mean that duplicate, or near duplicate, images continue to be created on your computer - all of which means that unnecessary space is being swallowed up on your drive for no benefit. However, when you run SortPix XL as a duplicate photo finder, all of these unwanted images can be removed for you. This way, when you return to look at the image in question, you are always able to find the last or most recent version of it. With the ability to delete duplicate photos from your PC, you will never again fall into the trap of making the same edits on different versions of the same picture because you have mistakenly gone back to an older version.

Duplicate Photo Finder
Duplicate Photo Finder

Of course, helping to find photos you actually want to work on rather than duplicates is a very helpful thing in terms of working efficiently. For professional photographers, it also means avoiding errors with the pictures you edit. For instance, if a wedding photographer has sent thumbnail images to his or her clients to select which ones will be retouched, the ability to remove duplicate photos in this way can be very useful. It helps to prevent working on versions of pictures that have already been rejected, for example.

What's more, a duplicate photo finder program that can find duplicate photos automatically is so much quicker than relying on manual comparisons of pictures. If you find duplicate photos by eye alone, then it can become a very laborious task which, for big shoots, also becomes tedious. As such, if you want to avoid the boredom that inevitably sets in when you find duplicate photos in your image library, then the only real solution is to use an automated duplicate photo finder like SortPix XL. Bear in mind that SortPix XL offers a great deal of flexibility in this regard. You can get it to find duplicate photos over your entire hard drive or only within certain folder locations. This way, you should never automatically delete a duplication you had intended on keeping.

However, users should note that the way you can find duplicate photos using the program is not always entirely automatic. If you want to utilize the duplicate photo finder function entirely automatically, then you can. Nevertheless, if you would like to retain more control, then this is possible, as well. In other words, as a duplicate photo finder, SortPix XL puts you firmly in control of when you remove duplicate photos and when you don't. Therefore, if you merely want to find duplicate photos so you can sort them rather than consign them to the recycle bin on your PC, then you can do so. The designers of SortPix XL have built their program so that you always have the final say on what is deleted.

SortPix XL – A Photo Manager Software Package That Allows For Various Viewing Configurations

To manage photos with software like SortPix XL, you need to be able to compare images closely – exactly what this photo management software allows for.
Because SortPix XL is such an effective duplicate photo finder, you may only ever use it to find duplicate photos and delete them for you automatically. However, the program also allows for close comparisons of different images, too. This way, you can look closely at the pair of integrated photo viewers to improve your manual photo management. For example, if you have taken a rapid burst of shots using your digital SLR, you may need to select just one of them to send off to a picture editor or to use on your website. With two different viewers, side-by-side on your screen, SortPix XL is a photo manager software package that really allows you to get into the details of your images. Even two images that have been taken very closely taken together will have their differences and similarities highlighted by the viewers in this photo manager software.

Photo Manager Software
Photo Manager Software

What's more, there are a number of different options for viewing while using the photo management software. You can look at small photos only, if wanted, or just view your medium-sized pictures. Equally, if you want to view or find duplicate photos that are larger in size, then SortPix XL allows for this sort of functionality, as well. Indeed, the duplicate photo finder also offers the chance to view the text listing format of your image library – a great way to remove duplicate photos that share similar file names.

Find Duplicate Photos with SortPix XL

No prior experience with how to find duplicate photos or even technical know-how with computers is required with this photo management software system.

When you get used to all of the functions in a feature-rich program like SortPix XL, you will begin to realize just how much the photo management software offers. A prime example of the way the photo manager software to find duplicate photos works is that it allows users to set the order of the photographs they have stored in a folder permanently. So, for example, you might sort photos chronologically or organize them using the photo management software according to thematic decisions, such as pictures with a predominantly reddish hue towards the top.

Not only does this make the search for photos easier in the future, but your folders can be used much more creatively. Few professional photo manager software suites provide this level of creative functionality, making it as useful for artists and graphic designers as it is for photographers. What's more, it is easy to do! After all, many of the functions are intuitive and need no explanation but there are instructional videos that can be viewed to help, too.

Find Duplicate Photos
Find Duplicate Photos

As a Top Photo Organizer Software, SortPix XL Will Integrate With Your Digital SLR Seamlessly

Use this photo managing software to find photos, rename them and reorganize them at will.

One of the great things about SortPix XL is that it stores all of the EXIF data that you can export from your digital device. Most digital SLRs have EXIF data that covers information like the date of shooting, the camera model used, the exposure time for the shot, and so on. The ability to read EXIF data with a compatible photo management software package is important for anyone who wants to track down images with certain aperture settings or from the same camera on the same day, for example. Not only does it mean you can find duplicate photos more easily when you have EXIF data to hand, but it can help you to make creative choices over similar images, for example, by tracking down all pictures within a folder that have the same exposure time.

Once you have performed a search for photos using EXIF data, you can then utilize SortPix XL to rename all of the selected files. For example, if you want to add a prefix to all the files you have selected that have a long exposure time, then you can do so with the mass renaming tool included within the photo management software. This makes it child's play to find the images you selected at a later date, keeping your work organized and on track! Given the vast array of features that make photo management a breeze in SortPix XL, you will be delighted at just how easy it is to use.

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News 12/04/2021 - When you click any of the images feature such as remove duplicate images, a brand new screen may appear along with a preview of just how this photo might look after handling.

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